Avalon Dive Park, Catalina Island

The waters long the coast of California is abnormally warmer than usual.  I was told that the kelp forest are gone or dying, but its expected around this time of the year.  For months, we’ve been trying to schedule a get together to dive in Avalon.  After finalizing, 5 diving buddies (Non, Goy, Sara, Kevin, Richard) and my newly certified brother (Jimmy) spent the weekend in Catalina Island.  This weekend also marks the start of Lobster season and every charter I can think of was sold out. While the rest of the world was crazed bug catching fever–we choose to escape it.

To our surprise upon dive #1 entry, the kelp forest were truly gone. What remains was nothing like I am used to. On top of this, the visibility was at least 50-60ft, no currents, high tide making entry easy. Great Conditions!! We did 5 total dives including 1 night dive seeing so much including bat rays, giant black sea bass, octopuses, moray eels, lobsters, abalone, and so on.

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