Riverside Rock Quarry

Of late, I’ve been spending some time doing indoors climbing with my buddy at the Gear Co-Ops located in Costa Mesa.  I was introduced to the store owner, Terry Lee, by my buddy Kris. It was kind of exciting learning something new. It was even better when Terry offered to take us out for some climbing experience.

Novice of a climber I am, this I’ll admit. Getting a crash course learning as we go, now that’s an adrenaline rush.  At first when I saw the Quarry, it was just a normal giant mountainside rock formation which I am used to seeing during my outdoors camping and trekking trips.  After a short hike, as we came closer and closer, I saw other climbers scaling the mountain side and realized “wow, this is serious stuff” and started to ponder am I good enough to do this with so little training?

Happy 2012 Halloween!

My favorite time of the year where I can put my creativity into use for cosplaying. I got 2nd place at the company costume contest losing to a very cute Snorlax Pokemon character by the name of Grace Park. Like most year, my DSLR camera, tripod, and wireless remote does wonders for self shots of myself in costume.  A few post editing and Photoshop magic can do wonders–cause I can FLY!


SoCal Hidden Paradise for Divers

This past 11/5/2012 weekend at Laguna Beach dive conditions were extremely amazing. Underwater visibility was at least 20ft with water temp about 65 degrees. That’s pretty darn good for November.  There were plenty of ocean creatures out and about ranging from huge lobsters, abalone, garibaldi, sheepheads, horn sharks, leopard, sharks, bat rays, seals, sea urchins, and so on.  The abundance is all thanks to No Fishing Zone set in place this year by state regulations.