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Mu Ko Similan National Park

The beautiful sea creatures of the Mu Ko Similan National Park. A total of 9 islands famous for its dive sites. The sea in the area has an average depth of 60 feet. Underwater it is full of rock formations and coral reefs in several shapes and forms, resembling such things as deer, leaves, brains, and mushrooms. It has typically two different kinds of diving. East side diving consists of gently sloping coral reefs with sandy patches with the occasional boulder in-between. The west side is known for its huge underwater granite boulders with numerous swim-throughs.


We spent 5 days (15 dives total) live aboard on the Thai-Scubanet dive boat led by the Scuba Jam dive shop in Thailand.  From Bangkok, we flew into Phuket and took a shuttle caravan to the marine dock to board our live aboard boat.  While this is my 2nd time diving in the Similian Islands, it’s always different.  Conditions were nice for this time of the year. Visibility even on a bad day is always ALOT BETTER than Southern California.  Definitely sadden when we had to leave the Similian Islands.

Pacific Wilderness – Class ‘A’ students certified!

Co-taught this class with Instructor Natasha Torres with advance diver Jimmy Huynh who was nice enough to take photos and videos during training.

Class A (Left to Right) Instructor
Class A (Left to Right)
Instructor Natasha Torres,  Joel Schwartz, Susan Kim, Gilbert Johnson, Haroon Haseez, Valerie Casillas, Rafael Meza, Ryan Naumann, Steven Pinder, Instructor Joseph Huynh

All students transitioned very well into open water dives 1-4 with help from mother nature. Conditions were so perfect absolutely zero surfs and 25+ feet visibility at Shaw’s Cove in Laguna Beach! Easy water entries with plenty of sea creatures to see during the excursion dives between skill dives.